2 Stage Paint Correction

This package is designed for vehicles in a generally poor condition with light to moderate paint defects. We aim to remove over 80% of the defects by way of a 2 stage machine polish. The first stage is to remove all the swirl marks and majority scratches and defects followed by a second refining stage to enhance the clarity and gloss levels.

Ideal for enthusiasts (show car prep) and for those who want a defect free vehicle.

Recommended for slightly older vehicles

  • Wheels, tyres and arches cleaned including the inner barrels, behind spokes and brake callipers using various brushes and dedicated wash mitt
  • Embedded Iron particles and Tar deposits removed from wheels
  • Lower section of the body, door shuts and sills sprayed with APC
  • Foam applied to the entire vehicle to further loosen dirt
  • Panel gaps, badges and fuel filler cap cleaned using soft detailing brushes
  • Exterior washed using a two-bucket wash method
  • Embedded Iron particles and Tar deposits removed from paintwork
  • Vehicle clayed to remove remaining bonded contaminants   
  • Dried after a thorough pressure rinse using a plush drying towel and hot air blower
  • Paintwork cleansed with a Panel Wipe to strip any remaining wax and residue
  • Paintwork inspected using various light sources
  • Sensitive trim masked 
  • First stage machine polish carried out to remove deeper scratches and defects
  • Second stage machine polish carried out to refine the paintwork restoring clarity and gloss
  • Final wipe down using a Panel Wipe to prep the surface for the chosen protection
  • Gtechniq C2 Liquid Crystal applied to boost gloss and add up to 6 months protection (Upgrades available)
  • Exterior Glass cleaned
  • Tyres and trim dressed
  • Exhaust tips polished
  • Final inspection



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